Narrative Feature Film


A dead friend's last wish to have her ashes scattered
at Pebble Beach Golf course propels 3 breast cancer
survivors on a roadtrip that quickly careens into a comedic
exploration of friendship, self and moving on.

This project is currently in development. A WGAw registered
script is available.

We Are Canadian

"A Tribute: In Flanders Fields"

In October 2014, two Canadian soldiers lost their lives
in separate violent attacks in Ottawa and Quebec.

This social media tribute is Deborah's response to those events
and a thank you to the men and women who serve and
protect Canada.

Using cell phones to record, 35 Canadians located
in 4 different countries reciteIn Flanders Fields.


"Me in 53 seconds"

B.SON San Francisco

"Bordello of Love"

This commercial/short film hybrid was used for the worldwide
launch of the B.SON urban clothing line. It was featured on
the website and included as a DVD in all of the Lookbooks.

The models' wardrobes featured B.SON and the idea behind
this project was if you like the film, then you'd LOVE the clothes.

NATPE Winner

"AAU Commercial Campaign"

Deborah wrote, directed and produced this campaign. The
award consisted of $3,000 for her, $3,000 for her film school
and a trip to Las Vegas to attend the National Association of
Television Program Executives conference.

The DP

The Actress

THE Director


"50 year old FRESHMAN"

"Corey's *asteRISKS"

"The Goalie"

Music Video

"Spend the Night"

"She Ready Now"

Sleepytime Gorrila Museum
"Helpless Corpses Enactment"


"Vegas Magic"

"Smash the Box"

"Neighborhood Watch Guy"


"Artsy Fartsy with Deborah J McDonald"

"American Idol"
(Seasons 4 & 5)

"Flying Monsters"
National Geographic

"Doctors of Rock"


"Wonder Bread Commercial Campaign"





"Miller Beer Commercial Campaign"